Does rtPanel Fully Support Foundation? Other Concerns

I really like the rtPanel theme, but it seems it does not fully support the Foundation framework, or whatever you’d call it. I’m asking this because my designer, programmer, and me have made extensive use of the rtPanel theme and the Child theme.

A couple of things that might help me.

  1. is there a place where I can see what is planned for the next
  2. could you put dates on your change log?
  3. how committed are you to keeping rtPanel active and supported? For instance, are you still using it on your own sites/? Do you use it to develop client’s sites?

Also, rtPanel does not seem to fully support the Foundation framework? For instance:

  1. it is not listed here: as a theme.

  2. The Foundation Kitchen Sink samples formatting do not work like Joyride, Magellan (sticky menus)

  3. some codes directly from the foundation site itself do not work. For example:

Are tabs supported in your theme. I’ve had to create my own?

I just really like this theme, but I’m concerned about your continued and active support of it and the direction that it is going in.



Follow on Question?

My programmer informs me of the following:

“rtPanel has Foundation files in inner folders, but they don’t get loaded by default, and i don’t know of an “automated” way to do, so…maybe rtPanel has a way, maybe not. But we aren’t benefiting from the theme’s support for foundation.”

You guys have a change log entry that says you support foundation to with the following entry:

  • Modified: Update Foundation 5.0 to 5.0.3


Hello Jeff1,

As you know rtPanel GPL and Open Source, So you can find the github repo and also on

All the change log and releases are already present there. We release rtPanel often whenever we found any bug, issues, or new feature suggested by users.

Yes we always use rtPanel for our client as well our internal product themes. So we will keep it updating.

rtPanel is fully supported with foundation. We haven’t added rtPanel in that list.

We are using Sass/Compass/Grunt in rtPanel and also Foundation(Sass), you can find more info here

Foundation .scss files will be automatically load in style.css using grunt. Follow this document for more details.


Foundation tabs are not working. It really appears that foundation and rtpanel are not being updated or supported. I really like rtpanel and it seems like you are not keeping up with it. Can you tell us if you guys are still committed to it?



i can’t get foundation tabs to work with rtpanel. should they work?

First panel content goes here...

Second panel content goes here...

Third panel content goes here...

Fourth panel content goes here...

we are using easy foundation shortcodes:

if that doesn’t work, can you suggest a tab setup that will work, please.