Does not upload


I installed rtmedia 3.27 on WordPress 3.5.1 with BuddyPress 1.7 and bbPress 2.3.1.

The post shows up but I don’t see the attachment after I attach a file and click “Post Update”.

Using chrome’s developer tools I see that a 404 request is made to “/upload”. But beyond that I cannot find any error message.

What folder is it trying to upload to? Which script should I trace to find the problem?

I thank you in advance for your assistance.


Please update rtMedia to Version 3.2.8.
For 404 page error, try saving permalinks again.

Also check this out for 404 related error ->

@Ritesh Patel: thanks.

I had to go to Settings > Permalinks and click “save updates”. This caused rtMedia’s permalinks to start working with WordPress’s permalink.

Files are not uploading.

IMHO : this process should be included in the read me file and installation guide. The plugin should also throw an error when its permalink is not working.