Does ngix helper plugin installed along with wordpress through easyengine, compatible with wp rocket plugin?

I installed WordPress on my site, using easyengine with ngix , wordpress comes with ngix cache helper plugin pre-installed. But i also want to use Wp rocket plugin. Will t be compatible?


if you want to use wp-rocket with EasyEngine, you should not need nginx-helper plugin. Instead you can setup rocket-nginx to get an optimized configuration for Nginx and WP-Rocket.


just curious. would anyone actually need to install wp rocket since ee comes with different cache? im using --wpsc flag

open to any suggestions. i will be using hide my wp plugin so not sure


wp-rocket is still a powerful caching plugin compatible with almost all WordPress setup (multisite, woocommerce, bbpress, etc…). But you will probably find a better caching system with EE, it depend on your site.

What is the relation with hide my wp ?