Does EasyEngine do Automatic Updates?


On the latest version (v3.7) does EasyEngine comes “out of the box” with somekind of cronjob for detecting and make automatic updates? Or even an email notification from the server telling that an update in available?

Or the updates must always be done manually and to know about them we must subscribe to Easyengine newsletter?

Note: I’m talking just about EasyEngine updates. I already know that for the Ubuntu updates I must setup them manually as it in a normal Ubuntu server.


Unfortunately no cronjobs for updates, you have to do them manually and subscribe to newsletter to be updated when new version comes up.

Hi @tyrro

Thanks for the information. It would be great if in the future EasyEngine could have a cronjob to automatic check for updates and send an email notification to “root” user when they are available.

For now i will take attention to the newsletter and forum.


There is nothing difficult to type once a day on a server:

ee update

If there is no update nothing happens.

Unless you just log in your server to update EE, what I doubt.

I could do that and login once a day… but i have more than 10 servers so that will take some time… not taking in account that having to do a manual task every day just to check for updates seems to me “old” age, with all the automatic tools available now.

Hope EasyEngine can do something about this in the future. A simple cronjob with mail notification will do the work.

One of the most beautiful things of EE is the fact it’s open source.

FYI, I have 100+ servers at this moment, and I have to log in them every single day, several times. I think it’s a matter of half empty or half full glass. Mine is always half full.

Can you please share any advice or software that you use to easy and fast login 100+ servers a day?

Seems a lot of time consuming if not using some kind of special technique or software.

Note: I’m still using the “old” putty.

It is not a lot.

Usually I check for EE updates once a day in only one server. If there is an update (or Linux packages updates) then I log all of them, in blocks of ten at once, and do what I gotta do.

Really, I don’t understand what is being discussed here. And from now on I won’t reply anything else.

Hi @mikeslv

You can use what other sysadmin use to manage large number of servers,

These work with master-slave configuration. You will need a master server to push command to your slave servers. It takes a bit of learning curve.

However, if you are just managing 10 servers and familiar with putty, you can use XShell5.

This is putty on steroid, and its free for personal use. You can group servers and send the same command to every servers in group. You can also drag and drop files using zmodem instead of scp.

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Hi @faizi

Thanks for the software suggestions. I will check them out!

I’m only bookmark this
so i knew if there is update from EE

@LilMon Good suggestion!