Does EasyEngine adapt the configuration to the server's specs?


First, I would like to thank you for all your very good articles about nginx and wordpress. I learned a lot reading them.

I have just discovered your easyengine script to automate the installation process of lemp with wordpress. Before using it, I would like to know if easyengine adapts its configuration ?

For example, do the php pool and mysql settings are changed according to the available ressources (processor, ram, …) of the server ?

If no, could you tell for what kind of server this script was developed for ?

Thanks for your answer. Regards, Nerual

EasyEngine can make some changes as per your current server configuration (hardware); like, change fastcgi_cache size, adjust nginx worker_processes and php pool as per best match.

EasyEngine is an automation of our WordPress-nginx tutorials to save the time and do thing fast and in better way.