Does DB user/password remains same when I restore an older backup?

I created a wordpress website with easyengine, but forgot to use --cache flag while creating.
So, I took a backup with updraft plus plugin, deleted the website and re-created it with --cache flag. Then I restored the updraftplus backup.

So, now what happens to my DB username/password?
Will I use my newely generated DB user/password or the previous ones?

If you used a plugin, such as Upddraftplus, then any backup of the database should be at the table level, meaning it should be agnostic to the database itself and the configurations in the wp-config file. BUT there are times when the table prefix is different and that can cause issues.

Worst case scenario is that you spin up the new instance and copy the database, db user and db password (and prefix is changing) and if the new site does not load once restored then simply open the wp-config.php file and replace those settings with the new info.

But again, my experience with a handful of plugins is that they restore the tables assuming that the database connection and permissions are already established.

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