Does bp media work with 1.7?


I am running 1.7bleeding with WordPress 3.5alpha.

The plugin says it installed correctly, however there is no admin menu link to manage the media plugin anywhere. I have tried both network activation and standard activation.


We haven’t tried using it with any version other than stable releases of BuddyPress and WordPress, though the problem seems to be the version number. There is a security mechanism to ensure that BuddyPress Version 1.6+ is installed before loading the plugin component and it works only with version number like 1.6.1, 1.6.1alpha, 1.6.1beta etc, but not 1.7bleeding, so change that to match something like 1.7 so that version checking can be done easily.


Is it working by changing the version?


Ahh sorry, I never tried. Honestly I am waiting until kaltura is supported again as I don’t want to put a huge load onto my web server when I have dedicated encoding servers sitting there waiting.

I should probably ask, what file do I change to change the vs. number? No way I am going to change the vs. number of buddypress, as I do a nightly crn svn up on the trunk, meaning i would have to re-edit every single day… not gonna happen… :slight_smile:

*I might get bored and throw up a demo site to try it out though…


Ok, I tried it on 1.7

I changed the define(‘BP_MEDIA_REQUIRED_BP’,‘1.7-bleeding’);
I also modified the function:

function bp_media_init() {  
    require( BP_MEDIA_PLUGIN_DIR . '/includes/bp-media-loader.php' );  
add_action('bp_include', 'bp_media_init');  

However, I still get the warning message on the top of the screen.

Also when I try to visit the settings page, I get

You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

It’s 2am my time and I’m not going to stay up all night trying to track down the problem. I may attempt it again a bit later.

I’m not sure the plugin is playing very nicely with my multi-db plugin.

Because this is going to be a very large install I have split the WordPress database into 256 different databases using a wpmu plugin (much like uses).

It all comes down to global tables created by your plugin, and if they are created following exact WordPress standards. I am not sure yet though.

I have attached a copy of the plugin to the ticket here so that if you want, you can play around with it as well. for any of your larger clients, I can’t imagine them not using something like this or the actual WordPress hyper-db plugin.

Attachment Link(s):


No rush, just checking back to see how it is coming along. Are we almost at the point of being able to use media with kaltura and multi-db?



You can find BuddyPress Media for Kaltura here.

BuddyPress media uses wp_posts table so if you activate it in site 1, it will increase size of wp_posts table there.

Rest, it will not break because of Multi-DB for sure.


Fantastic news!
I will install it tonight and report back anything I find. Really looking forward to this.


Didn’t realize that kaltura was a $99 addon, kinda steep.

Before I spend that kind of money I do have a question:

The docs say:

Media file: It will then be pulled back and stored on the webhosting server.

I actually don’t want to store any videos at all on my WordPress server, that is why I have a Kaltura server cluster to begin with. My regular WordPress server has 2TB of raid5 storage, where my kaltura server cluster has 75TB on a huge raid just for storing my video.

When using kaltura, should the process not be that the user uploads a video through the media plugin. That media is uploaded to the kaltura server, and then you are presented with the proper embed code for the media plugin?

That way the media is always on Kaltura like it should be.

*I know a LOT of people who run kaltura servers, and I don’t know of a single company using kaltura that would even think of storing media on their website server.

That is kind of the point of kaltura. It provides you via mwEmbed an embed code that you can use on your site that will work on any platform, even mobile.

btw is the new embed code platform that does work with Kaltura. Is is MUCH more up to date than what is shipped with CE5.

CE6 is just around the corner, so definitely use the link for mwEmbed that I gave you above as it works for both 5 and 6 and is up to date.

shawn wrote:
Didn’t realize that kaltura was a $99 addon, kinda steep.

I feel sorry if you find it steep. As our focus is to provide quality support, its not possible to reduce price.

We proudly maintained our promise for our services so far. We would like to provide same satisfaction with our premium add-ons. :slight_smile:

That is why we kept straight-forward pricing. Nothing like making it $199 first and then saying $99 is discounted price for limited time. We don’t want people to rush into buying our stuff. Buy it only when you feel it deserves your money. :slight_smile:

shawn wrote:
I actually don’t want to store any videos at all on my WordPress server, that is why I have a Kaltura server cluster to begin with...

I perfectly understand your point. In next release, there will be option to use remote copy. The goal is to avoid lock-in for users. The current default option will help if Kaltura do not provide direct upgrade path between for Community Edition in future.

shawn wrote: is the new embed code platform that does work with Kaltura. Is is MUCH more up to date than what is shipped with CE5.

I will check mwEmbed but most likely we will stick with HTML5 players that works across all platforms. (don’t know if mwEmbed works on iPhone)

We want to avoid flash as much as possible. We are more focused on making thing mobile-friendly first.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.


Wasn’t complaining so please don’t take it that way. It was a bit of sticker shock. I had no idea that the kaltura was even a paid addon is all. I’ll wait until the vs. comes out where I can store on kaltura as I have no plans on ever storing video on my wordpress servers.

The mwEmbed works on all platforms. Actually if you read through the docs and the sourcecode it will become INSTANTLY apparent that it is the most robust feature rich player api on the market. If you are using kaltura it especially makes no sense to use anything but mwEmbed. It has nothing to do with flash other than a fallback.

Here is an example script that works with iphone/ipad added to the header of the site:

mw.setConfig('Kaltura.ServiceUrl' , '' );  
mw.setConfig('Kaltura.CdnUrl' , '' );  
mw.setConfig('Kaltura.ServiceBase', '/api_v3/index.php?service=');  
mw.setConfig('EmbedPlayer.EnableIframeApi', false );  
mw.setConfig('EmbedPlayer.EnableIpadHTMLControls', true );  
mw.setConfig('EmbedPlayer.UseFlashOnAndroid', true );  
mw.setConfig('Kaltura.LoadScriptForVideoTags', true );  
mw.setConfig('Kaltura.AllowRemoteService', true );  
mw.setConfig('Kaltura.UseAppleAdaptive', false );  
mw.setConfig('EmbedPlayer.AttributionButton', false );  
mw.setConfig('EmbedPlayer.NativeControlsMobileSafari', false );  
mw.setConfig('EmbedPlayer.Attributes', {"autoplay":false} );  
mw.setConfig('EmbedPlayer.EnableRightClick', false );  

btw I still cannot install bp-media on wordpress3.5beta2 when I goto the settings tab I get
no permission etc…

link is:

simply changing the min required wp vs. in bp media didn’t work so I can’t do much testing.



Thanks for recommending mwEmbed. We already had a loot at it and its nice. We are trying to de-couple video player from backend service as we have some added functionality specific to video-player in roadmap.

Gagan will answer your other question. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it. I think decoupling is the best approach as it will allow your plugin to work with more systems then.

I’m looking forward to hearing from Gagan as I still cannot even get in to try the plugin due to the vs. error with WordPress 3.5beta2… Would be nice if instead of having a seet requirement, you just said anything > 3.4.2 or something. Especially now as many companies are testing the new beta to get ready for the release.


@shawn: the plugin needs some extra code(additional checks) in order to support WPMU, I have started making necessary changes and it will be corrected in the upcoming version. About the mwPlayer, I’ll check it out and if its better than the MediaElement player we’re using, then will replace MediaElement player with mwPlayer.


any news?



We have released version 2.2 with album support.

Multisite and other issues will be next on the list


glad to hear it. I’ve never run a site that wasn’t multisite, that would be really weird only having one site, almost can’t imagine it lol