Does anyone know how to add a clean shortcode to show photos on a page, rtMedia?

Before upgrading to rtMedia from BuddyPress Media, I had a nice clean photo page where all my members could view the community photos. I tried to update the shortcode following instructions here: I didn’t have any luck until I tried the following: [rtmedia_gallery global=“true” context=“page” media_type=“photo”]

This at least shows the photos. Although they are scattered on the page, take forever to load, and almost always crash the browser. I have it set to show 50 photos at a time. So there is a “NEXT” button at the bottom of this page. The Next button doesn’t work.

Can anyone give me advice on the following.

  1. How can I get a clean library of photos all sized the same in rows on this page?
  2. How can I get the pagination to work? Before there was a “Load More” button which worked great!

Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks for all your hard work on this plugin.



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Yeah, load more button was great…pagination, not so much…How can we get the load more button back?

The correct gallery shortcode is:
[rtmedia_gallery global=“true” media_type=“photo” media_author=“1”]

Let me explain you:

global = true

If you want to show all the media from your site then just use it.


If you want to show media from posts/pages then use this option as per the need.


If post or page id is 1 then it will show media from that post/page which are ONLY uploaded via rtMedia uploader.


Which media type you want to show. If you need video then use it in that shortcode.


It will show media of author whose id is 1.

You can see the output of this shortcode in our demo site

I hope this will help you.



Load More button will be added back soon. We had to cut down scope to spend more time on migration script. I know it did not perform as good as expected for some users but hadn’t we sacrifice little features for a while, it could have been worse.