Does anyone feel ee v4 is a mess compared to v3?

Hello everyone,

I have been using easyengine for the last 4 years and I am very grateful to its developers.

I was really excited when v4 was released because there were many rumors that ee will be discontinued. I updated ee v3 to v4 after security updates on v3 were stopped.

Now, after experiencing v4 for many months, it still feels like a mess. I know it is a free service but v3 felt simple, fast and simply worked. In v4, I need to browse the forum for a long time even for a simple task like disabling logs and many times the solution doesn’t work.

There are many files in which the path is still from v3 (/var/www/…) and I don’t even know if it causes any issues or should I change to new ones.

I tried Wordops but it has few users and community support is almost absent except for admin themselves.

Does anybody know the best alternatives?

When did you last look at the Wordops forum - as it’s grown a lot and is pretty busy in there now :slight_smile:

I waited a long time while watching both ee v4 and Wordops development. I think a lot of people did the same. But in the end Wordops development picked up a lot as did activity in the forum, and for me that won out over v4 with the complexities of Docker. Migrating turned out to be pretty easy too. I’ll still keep an eye on ee - maybe v5 will bring me back :slight_smile:

It was actually a while ago. I just browsed Wordops and looks like you are right, it has grown a lot.

I will definitely try Wordops for some of my sites before deciding if its worth to migrate all the others. Thank you.

+1 for WordOps. It works great!