Documents in lightbox issue

Hi - on our website the documents (Word-files, PDF’s) loading in the lightbox look tiny and can’t be read at all (the only way to read them is to click through to the Google Viewer). Is there a way to make them look bigger again? Hope this makes sense.

EDIT: was able to change the dimensions of the box by adding changes to #rtmedia-single-media-container .rtm-google-doc-container to the custom css.

Thanks a lot

Hello @saturnfreeway,

Right now, there is the only option to change the dimensions using custom CSS as you suggested.

However, if you want to change the default Google Docs Viewer, you can use this filter -


Thanks for your answer! Where can I add this filter?

And one more thing: the lightbox has stopped working on our site, we just get a little wheel spinning indefinitely. What can I do to troubleshoot?

Thanks again