Docker system prune --all --volumes --force Site Got Deleted

How To Restore all my site Please i have no Back Up im back to Zero please Needed Badly
please help please

Wow you should never run those flags with that command! Ask your host to see if they got a backup.

my host has no auto autoback up i dont purchase a autoback up i have tmp file on my root directory… like
#!/usr/bin/env php

<?php Phar::mapPhar(); include 'phar://ee.phar/php/boot-phar.php'; __HALT_COMPILER(); ?>

docker system prune --all --volumes --force

Yeah you completely wiped out all your Docker assets. If you don’t have a backup, then it’s all gone.

back to zero im emotionally regret what ive done… i have 1 important back up but it sad to me…
all my effort… im trying to to solve that error logs…

Yeah sorry for your loss but you should’ve read the Docker docs before running those commands. This is why people need to read documentations about Docker!

i dont want to used easyengine…because of that error logs eating space our disk…
easyengine…is not try trying to solve that problem

If you like the ease of using EasyEngine but don’t want the hassle of learning and using Docker, then try wordops ( It is a fork of the previous EEv3 codebase with the author/teams own additions. It is a great alternative.

As to those error logs…Don’t know if I would blame EasyEngine. It’s just a deployment platform. The most common problems I see today on Wordpress sites have more to do with running the latest versions of PHP on the server while using older plugins that do not support the latest PHP. Most plugins just throw warnings telling you that something is deprecated, but those warnings can fill up logs fast! That’s been my experiences these past few months and so many of my fixes have been deleting all the log files and rolling PHP back to an earlier version to solve that issue.