Do not upload videos to url

The site does not load video on uurlжпг settings all inclusive

Hello @wwwkzn1,

We are not able to see screen-shot with above link. Can you describe more about your issue?


Here is a screen If the field “URl upload” insert a link to a video it provides that "the file is not supported" Which video formats or can ship the video?

That’s working as intended. What that URL upload is for is having a link to an actual video. Not a YouTube PAGE – but an actual video.

example: <-- that is a video. is a webpage, not a video. :slight_smile:

Hello @wwwkzn1,

As @illusionsglass suggested, URL upload will accept a absolute link ( For example ) . Youtube page link will not work.

You can visit this document link for the same ->

Thanks @illusionsglass for your help in community forum as always :slight_smile: