Do I need both "nginx-custom" and "nginx-ee"?

I’m going to update nginx to 1.10.3 as per your instructions.

However, I don’t use the EasyEngine script. I only use your version of nginx, your recommended settings at nginx.conf and your Nginx helper plugin.

The command for upgrading nginx is:

sudo apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::="–force-confold" install nginx-custom nginx-ee

The command requires “nginx-ee” to be installed, but do I really need “nginx-ee” on my server? Can I remove it and not install it. Will everything work in my case only with “nginx-custom”?

BUMP. Anyone?

You can check details about included nginx modules here

To answer your question, please go with nginx-custom or any other nginx-* from the list.

Thanks Rahul. But why in the command above you require both “nginx-custom” and “nginx-ee” to be installed?

Actually, Nginx is on verstion 1.13.3, but EE still uses 1.10.3.

I’d love to have improvements on this. :slight_smile: