Displaying and creating www subfolder


can i know what is the steps / command i need to run if i want all users to go to https://www.example.com if they type https://www.example.com . or https://example.com

i will be installing wordpress on a subdolder called www . i dont want it to show https://www.example.com/www

please take note that i have other sub domains as well , but they will be in another folder like . /subdomain1 so their installation will not conflict

im using cloudflare

ps : i did google for info but its just confusing and im not sure how to apply this with ee

Just configure your WP with the correct URL, and it will handle it accordingly.

When you add a subdomain with ee (using e.g. ee site create BLOG.example.com) it will create it’s own web root/folder in /var/www/BLOG.example.com/.

wow. that makes sense. ok cool


i tried that but it doesnt work.