Display most recent uploads

Hi there. Your plugin is fantastic. I was wondering if it was possible to display a certain number of the most recent uploaded images (say 5, or 10, whatever I decide) and have them display dynamically in a feautred post, or something. Is this functonality there?

Hi Cameron,

There are two widgets bundled in the plugin: Recent Media and Popular Media. You can find this under Appearance>>Widgets.


Hi Saurabh

Thank you, I have found the Recent Media widget. Is it possible to limit Recent Media to just photos, or just video, instead of having a four tabbed interface of "all | photos | music | video"?


Hmm. That's a good idea, but we haven't implemented it yet. Could you add it to our todo list here: https://github.com/rtCamp/buddypress-media/issues/6?

This way, we'll be able to keep track of it and everyone will know who came up with the idea. Well implement this in 2.5, since 2.4 is just a code rewrite.