Display first media downloaded only

Hello, I would like, when a user uploads several media at the same time (for example 7 images, using the rtmedia uploader shortcode), that only the first image displays in the rtmedia gallery. The others would be saved in database but not displayed in the gallery.
Thank you very much if you have any idea to do this in php or js files, Marine

Hello @marineb,

It should work properly. Could you please mention what uploader shortcode you are using to upload media and what gallery shortcode to display the respected media gallery? Any screenshot would be more helpful.

We look forward to your reply. Thank you.

Hello @pranalipatel ,
Thanks for your answer,
To upload photos I use this rtmedia shortcode:
[rtmedia_uploader media_type=“photo” context=“profile”]

and to display photos in the rtmedia gallery I use this shortcode:
[rtmedia_gallery global=‘true’ ]

And I am trying to do that, if the user uploads several images at the same time (in the same uploader) :


Thank you very much.

Any idea ? Thank you in advance

Hello @marineb,

Thanks for the explanation.

Unfortunately, there is not any option available to display only 1 image while uploading many.

Just out of curiosity, I would like to know, how and where would you display the other media which you are hiding from the gallery? If the user uploads different types of media then too you would like to hide other ones?

For example:


Hello @pranalipatel ,
Thanks for your answer.
I would display the other images as thumbnails but directly in the lightbox, near the comments. So there would be a main image in the lightbox , and near the comments there would be the other thumbnails.
Like that:

By the way, I have another problem : the delete button is not displayed in the rtmedia uploader, so I can’t delete images before upload. I have downloaded the new version of rtmedia but I still have this problem (below an example):


Hello @val,

Thanks for your answer. Well, that would need good customization code.

Regarding the close button:

It should work fine. Please, once check if you are facing the same issue with any of the WordPress default theme ( 2013/2014/2015 etc. ).