Display facebook likes as count is not working

Hi I am using rtmedia social share. The problem is when i choose the facebook like button instead of the facebook share button and activate show counts than facebook like count is always zero for every url, although I am sure the url has many likes ( i used to use another facebook likes show plugin, which doesn’t work with rtMedia and to be honest that also makes no sense to use 2 systems here). I am ending up not using the facebook like button, because it looks like these urls are not popular and I only display the share button.

But what I really want is the like button and counter bubble attached to it to show all facebook likes for this url.


In the rtSocial plugin the facebook share and facebook like buttons doing the same thing. They both will display facebook share count.

As of now its is not possible to fetch facebook like count, we may add it in future but there is no ETA for that.

Thank you