Display Albums in Member Directory List


I'm trying to do either one of the following 2 things.

  1. Display member's Album Gallery items (album-gallery.php) in the member directory list (wp-content/plugins/buddypress/members/member-loop.php) beneath or next to the member's name and last active statement .


  1. List the number of albums or media image, or both, next to each member in the member list.

For #1 I tried pasting the php from album-gallery.php into members-loop.php but doesn't even look right. Is there an easier way to make the album data appear here, with a link to the user's albums or something like that?

Are template tags supported or not?

@sky1tech - You could try using the gallery template tag rtmedia_gallery() which takes the attributes same as the [rtmedia_gallery] shortcode ( http://rtcamp.com/rtmedia/docs/common/shortcodes/gallery-shortcode/ ) but as an array.