Discourse and EasyEngine v4 on the same Ubuntu 18.08 server

I’m fairly new to docker but a long time user of EasyEngine v3. We are in the process of migrating our site to v4 and we want to use the same setup as on our old server, where we had EasyEngine and discourse running on the same server. We use EasyEngine to host our Wordpress site at mysite.com and discourse for our forums on forums.mysite.com. What is the proper way of setting up EasyEngine v4 and Discourse on the same server?

I don’t know how you managed this on the V3 but here is what I think can be done :

Basics :
EE4 has Nginx-Proxy container which runs by default on port 80.
Lets spin up discourse container on port 8080.

  1. Create a site named forums.mysite.com with EE.
  2. Change the nginx config of the site like given on : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41265396/nginx-redirect-to-docker-container

FYI : Docker containers can connect with each other via container-names.

If this doesn’t works then try to attach the same container in the EE network.

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