DIsable SSL redirect

I enabled SSL for a site. Now the site redirect to HTTPS.

I want this site work with HTTP and HTTPS.

How i disable the auto redirect to HTTPS ?

Hello @ServerOk

EE is using nginx-proxy docker container to configure the reverse proxy automatically.

It generates a custom default.conf for NGINX. Please don’t edit this config, cause it would just get overwritten.

Instead you could simply create a custom vhost and override the configuration from the default conf

I think you need to create a custom vhost in the following direction:

You could then use two customserver{ ...} blocks, one for port 80 http and one for port 443 https.

Maybe the simplest would be to just copy over your server{...} blocks from the default.conf located in /opt/easyengine/services/nginx-proxy/conf.d/default.conf matching your site (server_name) and then just change the inside of the port 80 http block to something similar to the port 443 https server block.

That should work just fine.

Maybe there is also a simpler “nginx-proxy way” to achiev this by overriting the “envirement” tags in your sites docker-compose.yml with a docker-compose.override.yml file.

Disabling SSL redirect is a VERY bad idea. A few things to consider why SSL should be preferred:

  • Security
  • Better SEO score
  • Mixed-content when serving SSL to a non SSL site (will make your site ugly)
  • WordPress hardcodes full URLs in the database, including the protocol
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