Disable full screen mode on video


Is it possible to disable full screen mode on video? The media player currently has a button which, when clicked, displays the video full screen. ideally i’d like to remove the button from the player so users cannot go into full screen.



That’s a little tricky. Actually, mediaelement (the player) supports a fullscreen=false attribute. But we haven’t factored such customisation of mediaelement in our code.

Once our refactoring is complete, you’d be able to override the player and it’s settings in the template system that we have created (not released). In fact, we release the first beta version of rtMedia 3.0 (we are renaming the plugin).

This will be much more flexible than it is now.



Ah yes thanks Saurabh, I see now that mediaelement supports fullscreen=false.

Really looking forward to the new version of the plugin, the upcoming release sounds awesome.