Different video player for single media and featured media


I seem to be getting 2 different video players depending on where I am on my site.

Screenshot 1: This shows the single media video player which is displayed on page members/username/media/20. As you can see this player is how I would expect the player to look and work.

Screenshot 2: This shows the featured media video player which is displayed on the member’s profile page members/username. Here, I am using the <?php rtmedia_featured(); ?> template tag in profile.php. As you can see the style of this player is different. Also, this video player doesn’t seem to play the video when the play button is clicked.

My site is using WP 3.6, BP 1.8 and rtMedia 3.0.11

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@henrywright - This looks like an issue that could be related to http://rtcamp.com/groups/rtmedia/forum/topic/featured-media-video-doesnt-play/. Will check this out and get it fixed soon. Thanks


@joshuaabenazer - thanks for checking this out. Were you able to replicate this problem at your end? I still seem to be getting this problem on my site


@henrywright - We have resolved this issue, but have yet to release it. It should be released today along with some other bug fixes. Till then you could try the version on GitHub if required -> https://github.com/rtCamp/rtMedia.


@joshuaabenazer wow that was quick :)

I'll download the new version once you've released and give it a go. Thanks!


Just to let you know I updated the plugin and this issue is now resolved.



Thats great :)