Did anyone used scaleway dedicated server?

Until now I was using VPS and have 10k-20k daily visitors on my WP news website. Recetly I heard about scaleway cheap dedicated server and want to know has anyone used it for WP and what were your experience.

They have Atom C2750 32GB RAM. I’m using EE for all 4 websites.

Hello @PrashantVerma,

I have tried scaleway servers several time, and if the last update of their infrastructure make their servers faster, from the benchmark I have performed, it’s still pretty slow compared to other providers (especially Atom CPU). Their Virtual servers are cheap and can be deployed using the API for cluster usage, but from my experience their baremetal servers are too expensive for slow disks and Atom CPU.

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I did use it, but it was a while back(I think a year back).

I’m a little fuzzy on the details here, I was just testing it out. It was working fine for me. I really liked performance for ARM at the price (4cores/2G RAM at 2 euro). It really blew away their x86_64(1 core/1G at same price). But software support is pretty lagging for ARM. Even docker didn’t have build for ARM at that time! So I tried to compile docker but even failed in that so I moved back to x86_64 :frowning:

Later I was having payment issue with it as it didn’t accept my debit card so I stopped using it. But yeah I didn’t have any issues with x86_64 :slight_smile:

Can you please tell me will this server work for me or not:

Baremetal C2L it has atom C2750

I have 4 websites with 10k-30k daily visitors(wordpress+nginx+fastcgi cache)

I just moved away from Scaleway. I was using most of there products except the Pro. Just a warning. Only the pro products use Xeon processors.

All the rest use Intel Atoms (Or their Arm Servers use Arm Chips).

Although its cheap, I was having constant downtime issues with live sites. But for sites that you want to test or do staging, I think would be fine.

Also, their dedicated servers are slower than their VPS servers. (Not sure why). UFW has issues with the dedicated servers and it took me about 6 hours to figure it out.

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