Developer Docs/Hooks and Filters

First of all, a big thanks to the developers of this plugin!

I was wondering if rtcamp has any developer documentation to go along with bp media. Specifically, I wish to change certain things like the nav menu - renaming media to something else and removing the 'music' sub-nav altogether. I would prefer to do this without editing the plugin's core, and instead hope that the plugin offers filters that I can hook into to edit these and other things.

Thanks again!

Currently BuddyPress Media does not allow you to do that, but in case if its really that much needed, you can simply go to bp-media-loader.php, and you can change everything you want from this block :

/* Slug Constants */  
define('BP_MEDIA_SLUG', 'media');  
define('BP_MEDIA_UPLOAD_SLUG', 'upload');  
define('BP_MEDIA_DELETE_SLUG', 'delete');  

define('BP_MEDIA_IMAGES_SLUG', 'photos');  
define('BP_MEDIA_IMAGES_ENTRY_SLUG', 'view');  
define('BP_MEDIA_IMAGES_EDIT_SLUG', 'edit');  

define('BP_MEDIA_VIDEOS_SLUG', 'videos');  
define('BP_MEDIA_VIDEOS_ENTRY_SLUG', 'watch');  
define('BP_MEDIA_VIDEOS_EDIT_SLUG', 'edit');  

define('BP_MEDIA_AUDIO_SLUG', 'music');  
define('BP_MEDIA_AUDIO_ENTRY_SLUG', 'listen');  
define('BP_MEDIA_AUDIO_EDIT_SLUG', 'edit');  

define('BP_MEDIA_ALBUMS_SLUG', 'albums');  
define('BP_MEDIA_ALBUMS_ENTRY_SLUG', 'list');  
define('BP_MEDIA_ALBUMS_EDIT_SLUG', 'edit');  

/* Label Constants(need to be translatable) */  
define('BP_MEDIA_LABEL', __('Media', 'bp-media'));  
define('BP_MEDIA_LABEL_SINGULAR', __('Media', 'bp-media'));  
define('BP_MEDIA_IMAGES_LABEL', __('Photos', 'bp-media'));  
define('BP_MEDIA_IMAGES_LABEL_SINGULAR', __('Photo', 'bp-media'));  
define('BP_MEDIA_VIDEOS_LABEL', __('Videos', 'bp-media'));  
define('BP_MEDIA_VIDEOS_LABEL_SINGULAR', __('Video', 'bp-media'));  
define('BP_MEDIA_AUDIO_LABEL', __('Music', 'bp-media'));  
define('BP_MEDIA_AUDIO_LABEL_SINGULAR', __('Music', 'bp-media'));  
define('BP_MEDIA_ALBUMS_LABEL', __('Albums', 'bp-media'));  
define('BP_MEDIA_ALBUMS_LABEL_SINGULAR', __('Album', 'bp-media'));  
define('BP_MEDIA_UPLOAD_LABEL', __('Upload', 'bp-media'));  

Though I'll recommend you not to change anything as it will surely break the current permalinks of the media files you already have on your server and also it might produce some other bugs as well.

Okay, what about removing nav items, like music?

Sorry about that, but they're really tightly integrated that it can't be removed in it current state. We'll be doing re-factoring of the code after which it might be available.


Option to enable/disable tabs was added to rtMedia 3 sometime back -

Developer documentation is here -

Please let us know if you need anything else.