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Tell me Please, How to remove Description that is showing under the Picture… When I upload a Pic, under it I can see the name of Pictures File… and it looks very amateur. Can you help me with this. Any Disable button or comething… Thank you

Hello @Club4swingers,

We have removed media titles from the media tab by default in the latest release of rtMedia version 4.3.1. Please, once check if you are using the current version.

Please, correct us if we misunderstood your query. Any screenshot would help us to get your question easily.


Yes, it is new version…
See picture… IMG…

уторак, 14. март 2017., pranali.patel је написао/ла:

Hello @Club4swingers,

By looking at your screenshot we found that you want to hide the media name from BuddyPress activity stream. We have hidden the media names from the Media tab in the latest version.

Here is the document which will help you to hide the title from activity feed:

I hope this will help you. Thank you.

Thank you very much. Its working. Best regards

Hello @Club4swingers,

We are glad to know that your issue has been fixed.

I am closing this thread for now. Please, feel free to create new if you need any assistance.

Thank you.