Description in alt tag


It would be nice to see the description in the alt when you hover on the image


Sometimes large descriptions can annoy people browsing the gallery.

Am leaving this open for voting.


It would only show when they roll over the image.


This could also be added by overriding the rtMedia templates.


Isn't it the title attribute (not the alt attribute) that shows on hover?


yes - that is what i meant...I'm not developer.


@henrywright - You are right. I must have got it confused with title.

@constructionwork - Sorry for the misunderstanding here. Looks like a good suggestion.

But whats debatable here is whether it should contain the title or the description.


well the title is already displayed below the image normally and also in title tag when you hover the title so i don't think we need it there also.


@joshuaabenazer @constructionwork I did a little bit of work on this before

The alt attribute seems to be used for accessibility purposes. Visually impaired people use screen readers which read out the alt text.

The title attribute seems to be used to add additional information to the element, information that isn't already conveyed to the user


I guess the image description would be apt for this and incase there is no description it would fallback to title.


@joshuaabenazer - Or just don't have a tag at all if there is no description - leave it without anything...the title is already displayed as text below the image and again on hover of that title text (title = name of image).


As already mentioned by Henry here -> Hence the title fallback seems neat.




Update: The alt attribute for image was added in version 3.2.11