Deploying WP backups using EasyEngine

I am currently testing your EasyEngine script collection and the install went smoothly, well done.

I have also added and removed multiple, new WP installs without problems.

What I would like to do now is test the EasyEngine setup with WP backups of my own (that I have previously backed up using BackupBuddy). These are normally deployed like so:

Could you please tell me what the correct way to deploy my WordPress backups that I have previously made with BackupBuddy onto my EasyEngines installed server to ensure that they work correctly and gain the maximum benefit?

Thank you for any help with this,


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Thanks for your positive feedback.

We have plans to add command-line backup/restore feature in easyeninge. It will take some time though.

Regarding BackupBuddy backups, it really depends on how they take backup.

easyengine gives you a fresh wordpress setup. You can replace all files, except wp-config.php in /var/www/ and import datbabase from sqldump.

You may install BackupBuddy on fresh site and it might give you a "restore" option in UI. It might ask you for backup file location then.

I just found an article on their site

It might help. If it doesn't just ask BackupBuddy support team about how to restore backup from site X on newly installed wordpress on site Y.

If I missed anything about your question, please let me know.

Hi Rahul,

Thanks for the quick reply.

BackupBuddy doesn't require wordpress to be installed on the site that you're deploying the clone to, it just needs the clone uploading (a zip file containing the files and database file) and their imortbuddy.php script - this script takes you through the restoring process (which requires the details of a pre made database to work).

Knowing this, is there a certain way you would recommend to restore backupbuddy clone when using EasyEngine? Also, is there no FTP account created when adding a new website? I could only get the root FTP account to work and I'm worried about permission problems if I upload using that...

Again, thanks for any help with this,



For FTP, try using SFTP with www-data as user.

You can set password for www-data user by running following command as root/sudo.

passwd www-data

Please note that SFTP uses port 22.

After uploading files via SFTP, you can use importbuddy to restore site the way you usually do.

As soon as a site is created, easyengine steps out of picture. There is not much difference between a wordpress site created with easyengine and without it.

Thank you for the information regarding the changing of the password for the www-data account - it was just what was needed.

Regarding the deployment of backupbuddy backups when using EasyEngine, is there a better way of doing it rather than using the EE script to install wordpress and then manually deleting the WP files and database contents it created? The deployment of the backupbuddy backup does require the database that the script creates, but I wondered if there are other benefits in going about it this way or is there a better way I should be deploying on EasyEngine?

Thank you.


I don’t think you need to delete wordpress-files and database with importbuddy.

If importbuddy can create/restore wordpress-files and create database also, you can just create a php site with easyengine.

ee site create php

Thanks for getting back to me.

Importbuddy doesn’t require any WP files to work, but it does need a database.

If I was to create a PHP site with EasyEngine, how best to create the database required?

Also, would creating a PHP site and creating the database manually for importbuddy loose any of the EasyEngine benefits?

Thank you.


Thanks for bringing this to attention.

Yes, for now php site created with easyengine will require you to create DB manually. Which you can do from mysql command-line or phpmyadmin.

We will add an option to create sites with php+mysql only as it might be useful for many others.

I already added this request on Github for tracking -


Thank you for the information and support, it’s appreciated.

Glad to know I could help.

I am closing this topic and marking this one resolved. :slight_smile:

If you need any further support, feel free to start a new topic.