Deny access

I am new to nginx and easyengine and I’m picking up a lot. :smile:

I used to use before apache.

My question is as follows:

I have and

How can I deny access to any IP (except my IP) to without interfering with

It is how to do this?


Sou novo em nginx e easyengine e estou apanhando muito. :smile:

Costumava usar antes o apache.

Minha questão é a seguinte:

Tenho e

Como posso negar acesso a qualquer IP (exceto o meu IP) a sem interferir em

Tem como fazer isso?

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I found this code:

location / {
    deny all;

Add this “location” in: /etc/nginx/sites-available/

But give conflicts with the “location” in existing: /etc/nginx/common/wpfc.conf

Any tips guys. :slight_smile:

After much testing found a solution to this case.

Note .: I do not know if it’s the best practice but it worked for me. If anyone knows a better practice is to only comment with us. :slight_smile:

Following the same idea as I said above, I added the code without the “location” in: /etc/nginx/sites-available/ and it worked fine without interfering with the traffic of

deny all;


Depois de muito testar encontrei uma solução para esse caso.

Observação.: Não sei se é a melhor prática mas funcionou pra mim. Se alguém souber uma melhor prática é só comentar conosco. :slight_smile:

Seguindo a mesma ideia que comentei acima, adicionei o código sem o “location” em: /etc/nginx/sites-available/ e funcionou muito bem sem interferir nos trafego de


@gilvancn That is not a very bad practice. But in case you have multiple I.Ps to allow or block a better approach will be to create an acl file e.g: /etc/nginx/common/acl.conf and include that file in your server’s configuration. E.g:

  include common/acl.conf;

We use the same configuration in our 22222 configuration file. You use that as a reference.

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Thanks @ssalil for your response. I will adopt your practice. :slight_smile:

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@ssalil Do you have to adjust this code to redirect the visitor denied to a specific page or back page?

Any thoughts about, guys? :wink: