Deleting albums and album creators


Hi everybody,

I like your plugin but I can't find how to configurate two things.

How can I delete an album that I have created by error? How can i do to allow only administrator to create new albums?

I thing that these features are very important for the plugin so may be I only need some help to configurate it properly.

Thank you for your help.




I totally agree with you on this. CRUD Operations on Albums are vital features in a plugin that offers Media Management. We have realized it and implemented this feature in our next release of rtMedia 3.0 which is about get complete soon.

Mainly, we have introduced two concepts regarding your query:

  1. Users can create/delete/modify their own albums. These albums' ownership will be specific to the users who have created them.
  2. The Wall Post functionality in the current plugin is been taken over by Global Albums in rtMedia 3.0. Basically there will be one global album shared among all the users; thought the edition/deletion rights would be only with the administrator.

I hope this gives you a fair idea about what rtMedia will be. You can download the latest working code of rtMedia from here. Though it is under development and may not work in some cases; but you can check it out and provide us with your valuable feedback.




A word of caution: If you're planning to test the new plugin rtMedia 3.0 then make sure that you take the database backup of your website first then only you proceed. This plugin is not fully complete yet and is not supposed to be installed on production/live environment.