Deleted Images still show tags on website


Hello. Initially my only problem was getting the gallery shortcode to work properly to display all images uploaded. I did put the shortcode in correctly on multiple pages, post but wasn’t getting all the images or the template possibly would break or not. I deactivated all plugins, switched to Twenty Twelve and buddypress template but still all images wouldn’t show. (after the fact I realized my max post size is 8mb so that’s why I probably couldn’t get all the images to display on the post I’m assuming lol.)

In doing all this I somehow created a different problem though.

So I decided to delete all the images I uploaded (the website isn’t launched yet so its no big deal) and delete the plugin and start off a fresh copy of the plugin… Well now I have more issues! All the tags from the images that were deleted show up every time I add rtmedia plugin back on. I even deleted buddypress and put a fresh new copy of it too, changed multiple themes but still all old image tags are showing up and image counts even though the images were deleted… Can you help me?

example of deleted images still showing old image tags

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i create a user name test on your site, upload 2 images and also delete 1 and its working fine.

i also check in my test environment, even if i delete media from Wordpress wp_admin Media tab, then it also update count, and remove entry from our index table.


no shit. just forget it