Delete Album by BuddyPress Group Admin

I was able to delete a media album as the website admin but was wondering if there is a way the Group admin can delete an album?

Was there any resolution to this? Definitely a big deal to enable group admin to delete folders!

I am not seeing anywhere now to delete an album in BuddyPress. I click on Albums and I put my pointer over the album picture and nothing shows up now. I am in WP Admin trying to do this. TYIA

Hello @tammy1999 and @mladas,

@tammy1999 , As discussed here - Who can update Album names?

There is not any option to do so as of now.

@mladas, You can add your suggestion here with the label suggestion -

Thank you!

I am referring to a WP Admin. I could put my pointer over an Album cover and see Delete, but now its not there anymore as a WP Admin. Not a Group admin.

Hello @tammy1999,

The website admin should be able to delete the group album. We are not able to regenerate this issue on our end.

Admin should get the Delete Album option under the Options menu, once he clicks it and goes inside the group album.

Are facing any JavaScript error in browser console?

Thank you.