Deactivating does not work

We need to turn the redirect off. I have deactivated it and deleted it and it is still redirecting the blogspot blog to the wordpress website. How do we get this to stop?


Yes, deactivation of plugin will not stop the redirection. The plugin useful to manage redirection on WordPress end only when URL redirected from blogger blog towards the WordPress.

To stop redirection from blogger to WordPress blog, you need to remove template code (which our plugin generated) in which you might have added and use actual blogger template code. That way, the redirection will not work.


Thank you for responding. I went into the template where the previous developer copied it. When I try to delete the code, I am getting an error. The code will not remove at all. So now I guess this is an issue with Blogger because it will not allow me to delete the code.

I think, instead of deleting code try to use another template for time being and then change the template code with your required template.

Thank you for the suggestion. I will ask my client about it.

Welcome :slight_smile: