De-installed plug-in, how to get it working again?

I figured since the migration was done I didn't need the migration plugin. Wrong! Seems that de-installing it broke the redirection. Huge problem! I re-installed the plugin, but the redirection from blogger is still sending people to my WP home page and not the correct permalink. Permalink works fine if I manually change the URL. It's the B2W= query in the URL that's not working. How can I get it fixed ASAP?

Ok so I think I got it fixed. First, I re-installed the plug-in. Second, the tool was confused about my prior BlogSpot site name (showed my new custom domain vice my old address). So I looked through the PHP code and modified the wp_postmeta database and found the "blogger_blog" value, which contained my new custom domain. I replaced that value with my BlogSpot domain, then re-ran the GUI config (wasn't sure if that was needed or not.)

After that the B2W= URL values were being redirected to the proper specific post instead of the homepage. Interestingly in the tool's GUI it now shows two imported blogs, my blogger URL and my custom domain. Seems harmless enough...


Sorry for delay.

Our plugin detect the "blogger_blog" custom field from the postmeta table and then only show imported blog URL in plugin UI settings. In your case, you did correct by changing the value of blogger_blog with domain name. May be you have first imported the content from .blogspot and then by custom domain [Not sure].

Our plugin always need to be active, then only the redirection will work.

Thanks, --Nitun