Database table structure for rtMedia has been updated

Hi there! I am using svn for versioning project source code but have no versioning for database. In last update on Aug 25, 2016 of the rtMedia (buddypress-media) plugin, following error message has just shown up in admin panel:

rtMedia: Database table structure for rtMedia has been updated. Please Click Hereto import media sizes. Hide

But there is no link available to click!

I just found the following link in source code but the message is still appearing.

Also, I am not sure if the database structure is updated or not.

Hello @dodo438,

Could you please check your server error log for us? Let us know if you find any error there.

Please, once deactivate other plugins and try to import media again. let us know if that works for you.

Thank you.

Actually plugin is working fine like before.

I am only talking about the error message in Admin Panel. Screenshot attached:

Hello @dodo438,

Please once update to latest version of rtMedia if you have not already.

Have you checked the error log and tried checking it by other plugins disabled?