Database Error: Unable to connect to the database

Hello, I need some help. From time to time the site crashes and the error of not being able to connect to the database appears. Just back when I reboot:

ee stack restart

I tried deleting the Droplet and creating a new install but the error persists, what can it be?

Thank you

Hello, I am having the same problem, it is as if the database was itermitente, out of nowhere appears the error error establishing a database connection and nor is it due to excessive traffic because even without traffic the site drops! Dai restarts the server the site comes back for a certain time, it seems until my vps vultr is a shared server!

install htop and find which process consuming all the ram for wordpress site I recommended HHVM. its a beast in handling Huge traffic and can handle more than 1500 active user in just 5$ DO Droplet