Database error "<dbname>.wp<prefix>_bp_groups' doesn't exist"

Ho Forum,

whenever i try to open the BP Profile page of a user, i get a DB error in the error.log:

mod_fcgid: stderr: WordPress-Datenbank-Fehler Table '{dbname}.wp{prefix}_bp_groups' doesn't exist f\xc3\xbcr Abfrage  UPDATE wpcp01_rt_rtm_media m join wp{prefix}_bp_groups bp on m.context_id = SET m.privacy = 20 where m.context = 'group' and ( bp.status = 'private' OR bp.status = 'hidden' ) and m.privacy <> 80  von require('wp-blog-header.php'), require_once('wp-load.php'), require_once('wp-config.php'), require_once('wp-settings.php'), do_action('plugins_loaded'), call_user_func_array, RTMedia->init, RTMedia->update_db, RTDBUpdate->do_upgrade, do_action('rt_db_upgrade'), call_user_func_array, RTMedia->fix_group_media_privacy, dbrc_wpdb->query, dbrc_wpdb->dbcr_query, referer: <http://my.domain.tld>

i am not using any groups. i read in another thread that this might be a one time error after updating rtMedia, but unfortunately i always get this error. can you help me?

thank you very much in advance.

Hello @timo,

The cause: By default, the ‘User Groups’ setting from BuddyPress setting is set to disabled. Admin needs to enable it if he/she wants to use ‘User Groups’ in site and tables related to groups will be created. As we don’t have information about whether that setting is checked/unchecked ( so whether group related tables are created or not ) while updating our rtMedia plugin, we have considered it as ‘enabled’ so that we don’t miss database update for user groups.

Thus, this database error will only occur when activating rtMedia very first time or updating new version of rtMedia but it should not occur while just visiting user profile. Please can you check it again at what exact event you are getting this error?

Thank you.

hi pranalipatel,

thanks for your reply. i get this error whenever i visited someone’s profile. I made a workaround by commenting out the content of fix_group_media_privacy() in app/main/RTMedia.php.

Hello @timo,

We have sent you private message regarding this.

Thank you.

I’m getting this error after today’s 3.8 update. I do NOT want groups enabled and I will not be enabling groups. I paid $149 dollars for the Pro version and I cannot use it because it requires the basic version - which now does not work.

Please fix this ASAP.

WordPress database error: [Table ‘xxxx.xxxx_bp_groups’ doesn’t exist] UPDATE xxxx_rt_rtm_media m join xxxx.xxxx_bp_groups bp on m.context_id = SET m.privacy = 20 where m.context = ‘group’ and ( bp.status = ‘private’ OR bp.status = ‘hidden’ ) and m.privacy <> 80

Hi @mattylb

Sorry for the inconvenience. As @pranalipatel explained in above reply: Database error “<dbname>.wp<prefix>_bp_groups’ doesn’t exist”, it has nothing to do with 3.8 update. It is just a database upgrade script which runs on every update and it won’t break your site. You will encounter that error only once after update.

Let us know if you still face that error which I’m sure not happen again.


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I’m sorry - I didn’t fully read the explanation before. I will reinstall rtMedia and the Pro version again and ignore that message. If it doesn’t go away though, you may be hearing from me again. :slight_smile:

Hi @mattylb,

We have fixed this error with rtMedia version 3.8.1. Now you won’t see any error while updating the plugin even if BuddyPress’ group table doesn’t exist.

Thank you.

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This error seems to be back in RTmedia version 4.1.8. I´ve got a lot of this in the error logs:

WordPress-Datenbank-Fehler Unknown column ‘wp_d2l_rt_rtm_media.sort_parameters’ in ‘where clause’ f\xc3\xbcr Abfrage SELECT wp_d2l_rt_rtm_media.* FROM wp_d2l_rt_rtm_media where 2=2 AND wp_d2l_rt_rtm_media.media_type = ‘photo’ AND wp_d2l_rt_rtm_media.sort_parameters = ‘new,view,like,rate,comment’ AND (wp_d2l_rt_rtm_media.privacy is NULL OR wp_d2l_rt_rtm_media.privacy=0 OR (wp_d2l_rt_rtm_media.privacy=20) OR (wp_d2l_rt_rtm_media.media_author=10 AND wp_d2l_rt_rtm_media.privacy>=40) OR (wp_d2l_rt_rtm_media.privacy=40 AND wp_d2l_rt_rtm_media.media_author IN (’’))) AND (wp_d2l_rt_rtm_media.privacy = “0” OR wp_d2l_rt_rtm_media.privacy is NULL ) ORDER BY wp_d2l_rt_rtm_media.media_id desc LIMIT 0,10 von require(‘wp-blog-header.php’), require_once(‘wp-includes/template-loader.php’), include(’/themes/kleo/page.php’), get_template_part, locate_template, load_template, require(’/themes/kleo/page-parts/general-before-wrap.php’), kleo_has_shortcode, apply_filters(‘the_content’), do_shortcode, preg_replace_callback, do_shortcode_tag, vc_do_shortcode, WPBakeryShortCode->output, WPBakeryShortCode_VC_Row->content, WPBakeryShortCode->loadTemplate, include(’/themes/kleo/vc_templates/vc_row.php’), wpb_js_remove_wpautop, do_shortcode, preg_replace_callback, do_shortcode_tag, vc_do_shortcode, WPBakeryShortCode->output, WPBakeryShortCode->content, WPBakeryShortCode->loadTemplate, include(’/themes/kleo/vc_templates/vc_column.php’), wpb_js_remove_wpautop, do_shortcode, preg_replace_callback, do_shortcode_tag, vc_do_shortcode, WPBakeryShortCode->output, WPBakeryShortCode->content, WPBakeryShortCode->loadTemplate, include(’/themes/kleo/vc_templates/vc_column_text.php’), wpb_js_remove_wpautop, do_shortcode, preg_replace_callback, do_shortcode_tag, RTMediaGalleryShortcode::render, RTMediaQuery->__construct, RTMediaQuery->query, RTMediaQuery->get_data, RTMediaQuery->populate_data, RTMediaQuery->populate_media, RTMediaModel->get_media, RTMediaModel->get,