Database caching

Hey Everyone,

New to EE and WP in general, so be gentle, I’m coming from a Centmin mod world and trying out EE.

I have redis cache enabled, which removed w3tc (thank god), but I am not sure if this is also doing database caching or just page/object caching.


Just page/object.

But according to several tests I made over the past two years one does not need a database cache when using a good object cache (–wpredis e.g.).

I’ve been considering moving to Centminmod because of PageSpeed support. Should think twice?

Do you know where we can set the TTL for caching? They are using the Redis Object Cache by Till Krüss, and in his documentation he says you can control the max TTL by editing wp-config.php and adding WP_REDIS_MAXTTL, but it doesn’t look like EE is using this standard setup.

Any idea how to control the TTL, I’d like a shorter TTL since I am running WP-Foro, and it is caching stuff far too long for forums.