Dashboard Edit Activity (status update type?)


Hi, not the most important :wink: but…

When I edit an update (with an attached file) from dashboard’s activity page, then there isn’t your rtMedia status update type (dropdown menu shows the first entry, by alpabetical order: “Created a group”)

Tried “Posted a status update” option but I don’t know if it could encounter some issues later…

Not a “bug” but :wink: a missing feature, isn’t ?

rtMedia 3.2.12 and BP 1.8.1 on WP 3.7.1


Hi @dJe,

Thanks for your suggestion, we would love to add this feature to our plugin.

So, we have created the issue regarding the same.

You can the issue here: http://git.rtcamp.com/rtmedia/rtmedia/issues/79


Great, thanks to you @abhishekkaushik and @riteshpatelrtcamp :wink: it seems than it’s done already in fact…

so it would be inclued in a next (free) release, isn’t ?


You are Welcome.

And yes we will surly include this fix in our next release.


Well but next release after current :wink: isn’t ?


Hi @dje,

This feature has already been added in our earlier release and we have added an rtMedia Update filter under activity tab in dashboard.


yes, you 're right @abhishekkaushik :wink: there is your “rtMedia update” filter for now (from dashboard’s activity tab)

but… when we edit one of these updates then your “rtMedia update” type isn’t available !!

PS: we can choose “Posted a status update” type, of course :wink: but it 'll be useful to add yours also here, isn’t ?


Thanks a lot again for putting light on this subject.

We are looking into it and will add it in our upcoming release.



Can you please point out a valid reason to manually edit activity type to “rtMedia Update”?

During our review, we found that activity edit UI doesn’t allow media uploads. “rtMedia Update” without “media” doesn’t make any sense IMHO.

Please let us know your thoughts. At the moment we are skipping this but we will definitely reconsider if it has a valid use case.


Hi, @rahul.bansal

In fact I don’t want change status update type but sometime I need to edit content of an update

so :wink: if this update is an update with attached file(s) then when I edit it, there isn’t your “rtMedia Update” type available, I save it as a ‘classic’ update

in the dada-base then after edit, this update’s type 'll be “update” not “rtMedia update” of course !



Perfectly valid point. We will add “rtMedia Update” type on “Edit Screen” dropdown.

Thanks for bringing it to our notice.


Many thanks @rahul.bansal in advance :wink: even if really not the most important (in our case / at this time)


@dje I believe what you pointed out is a “bug”. It will prevent edit operation for “rtMedia Updates”. So it need to addressed even if its of low priority.

Earlier I was thinking that you are requesting a feature to “convert” other activities to “rtMedia Updates”. As an example: if there is status update activity, editing it to attach media to “convert” it into “rtMedia Updates”.

Thanks for your time and efforts.


Great news :wink: added for now (3.5.1) thank you @rahul.bansal, @abhishekkaushik