Custom Video Player



How could I automatically set a default video player? I would like to use to play any of the video uploaded using your plugin.



In current release, player is not replaceable. But in next minor update, we will be making player codes extendable.

We are working on this already for Kaltura premium addon where we want to use Kaltura's own video player to play vidoes from Kaltura server.


Thanks for responding, Rahul. That sounds promising...

My site, when launched, will feature video. So, the player has to be top notch. What Sublimevideo does is extend the player's functionality to include e-commerce functionality, not to mention branding. Plus, the player is gorgeous which would provide my site a slight competitive advantage. :-)


Sublimevideo sounds interesting.

In future, if you decide to extend BuddyPress-media for Sublimevideo as separate add-on, and wish to share/sale it (add-on), contact us. We will be opening our store for other developers also (around February 2013 as per current plan).


By the way we have a discussion open from some time here -

If you can shed add your points as why Sublime is better then we may add it as a default player in future.


Sublime Video certainly looks promising. If the standard player could be replaced by a customised player then that would be something I'd pay extra for.