Custom Title Field

Hi we’re trying out your rtMedia plugin. We’ve previously customised our BP install to include a ‘Title’ field in the activity update form.

This uses the bp_activity_posted_update hook to upload the custom meta data.

However when we add an image using the rtMedia plugin this field is ignored and the title is not added to the activity update. Can you advise on how we can solve this? Is there a different hook we can use for your plugin?

Hello @mrJ,

We have used this hook in rtMedia to append media to activity content. Try to get updated content from the BuddyPress’ activity table using lower priority value. We have called this hook on priority value 99, so you can use bigger value to call this hook let say 199.

Let me know if you still face the same issue. If possible share the custom code with us so that we can regenerate the issue at our end and debug the cause.

Thank you, Pranali