Custom Success Message After Upload

Is there a filter to use to create a custom success/thank you message after a user upload media files.

I see there are filters for rtmedia_update_media_message, etc here.

I need one for after the user completes their upload.

7 days ago I asked this question. Meanwhile, is ‘rtmedia_uploader_after_start_upload_button’ the best filter to use accomplish this?

Hello @webstress,

No, that hook won’t work because it is used to add HTML markup after Start upload button in uploader view.

If you need to alert some custom message then it will require some custom JavaScript code. Here is the sample code which you can use in your theme’s custom JavaScript :

rtMediaHook.register( 'rtmedia_js_after_files_uploaded', function( args ) {
      alert('File uploaded successfully!');
      return true;