Custom shortcode not working on custom buddypress member template

Hello, I am creating a custom buddypress child theme, and trying to use a custom rtmedia gallery shortcode showing the latest photos for this user. But nothing appears. I check the source code and there is nothing, not even the "oops..." message. I have got the custom shortcode to work on normal pages, so this should be buddypress related I think.

Is there any function in the plugin related to buddypress that would cause this not to work??? Thanks for your help!

HI, same problem for me, even with do_shortcode() in bp pages.

@paulhockley - Wasn't able to understand your query here. Could you elaborate on it? Do you mean to say it works on a normal WordPress page and not on a BuddyPress related page? Also what sort of custom shortcode are you using? Is the rtMedia shortcode working on those pages?

Hello, the shortcode is used on a buddypress member profile. I tested it on normal wordpress pages and it works, but not on the buddypress member profile page.

The shortcode is [rtmedia_gallery context_id="'.$thealbumid.'" context="photos"] (in template with echo do_shortcode)

@paulhockley - We would need to debug this issue. Will let you know about this soon.

Thx! Sounds good :-) Keep me updated


Same problem here. The pictures are uploaded and when I look in the library I see they are uploaded to: "Wall Posts".

@all, we just release rtMedia v3.2.12 with shortcode fix. Please check and let us know regarding the issue.