Custom Domain transfer - originally purchased via Google Wallet

Hi, I’m looking to transfer my blog from Blogger to Wordpress. I already have a custom domain but I purchased it directly from Google Wallet. I believe they manage their Domains via GoDaddy but I was wondering how this impacts the transfer and if you have any information on what to do when transferring in a scenario like this.

@Ashley Fernandes

Steps to follow:

  1. Purchase a web-hosting for the same domain from any good company (or Godaddy).
  2. <li>Install WordPress on it. </li>  
    <li>Import content from blogger to WordPress. </li>  
    <li>Change the permalink structure and fix the imported posts slugs. </li>  
    <li>Change the DNS records in Godaddy account for your domain (A and CNAME records). So you domain will serve WordPress blog with same content which you imported from blogger blog.</li>  

Please follow the complete guide here All the above points covered on it.
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