Custom Domain During Blogger to WordPress Migration

Thank you for the great tutorial on moving from Blogger to WordPress. I have some questions on the custom domain part. I think I already understand your reccomendation but want to clarify and make sure.

Situation: I have a blog (no custom domain) that I want to migrate to WordPress. I have just purchased a domain name for the new site after the migration.

1) Am I correct that you HIGHLY reccomend I first configure the subdomain.blogspot blog with my new domain as a custom domain before attempting a migration AND it needs to sit a few months for Google to update before attempting the migration?

2) If above is true, how do I setup WordPress to import the content from Blogger when the new domain I need on WordPress to set it up is currently configured on the blogger blog? I don't think my domain registrar, GoDaddy, gives you a temp url to access your site but I could be wrong. Do I correctly understand that to get around this you reccomend the Firefox extension switchhosts?


Hi Bradphelps,

As you are using the blogspot domain for your blog, and you want to keep your SEO and ranking, then you need to setup the custom domain for blogger blog. Point 1 is correct for you.
To re-indexing of custom domain URLs on search engine will take few months (depends on blog size).
Once you are happy with search result, you can move your blogger blog into WP (on same custom Domain), for that you can change the Host file of your System (computer).
Note: SwitchHosts addon is not compatible with latest Mozilla FF.

Thanks for the information. While we are waiting for the search engines to index, is there any reason we can’t practice importing the blogger information to WordPress to see how the import goes? Of course would then blow it away for the actual migration.

Yes, you can import the content into your WordPress blog, for that you can change your system host file with hosting IP address. The WordPress blog you can only see on your system only.(it will not be accessible to other).