Custom Database Port

When creating a new site it is posisble to provide parameters for dbhost, dbname, dbpass etc. The connection seems to default to using the standard mysql port 3306/tcp.

When using managed database hosting (like that offered by digital ocean) they present the database on a non-standard port which cannot be changed. Is there a way to supply the port over which to communicate to the database host?

From the docs:

While i have never tried it, it might be worth a shot at passing the custom port with the option above. Just use standard hostname:port naming. ex.

Whether this works or not, please respond back here. If it does then we can make a note in the title of the thread so that future searches find this answer. And for the inverse as well.

Just to elaborate on the above comment.

ee site crate --type=wp --dbuser=youruser --dbpass=yourdbpass --dbname=yourdbname 

And for any site with an existing db that you move to a managed db, all you have to do is change the wp-config.php file for the site and set the database as per the Wordpress docs as mentioned here

Help here on my topic please: Command Not Found

Thanks @freedog96150. I tested using the port number provided by the managed database instance after the database host name ie –dbhost=dbserver:dbport not long after I posted and it worked just fine.

Sorry its taken me so long to reply back to confirm that this works. :slight_smile: