Custom css

Apologies - I posted this on the wordpress support site before I saw the message directing users here. I am trying to put a media icon before the media tab in groups. I am not very competent in this matter but I tried variations of:

#nav-buddypress-media-groups-li a:before,
#user-buddypress-media:before {
content: “F”;

but all to no success. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

@investa, use this CSS code instead

#buddypress #rtmedia-media-nav-groups-li a:before, #buddypress #media-personal-li a:before { content: "test"; }

Hi Ritesh, thanks for the reply, unfortunately I couldn't get that to work either. Any other suggestions.

Put this code in custom css box under rtMedia admin settings. If that didn't work (it should work) than please check it in WordPress default theme.