Custom Contexts in Vanilla WordPress

In your documentation you indicate that custom contexts can be use ad hoc.

For eg, if you are running a photography contest. You can place an uploader with context=”photocontest” and context_id=”1″ on a page. Then using the same context and context_id values, you can display the contest pictures on your site.

I setup a page like so, with two shortcodes

[rtmedia_gallery global="false" context="photocontest" context_id="1" media_type="photo"]
[rtmedia_uploader context="photocontest" context_id="1" media_type="photo"]

I should be able to upload an image and after refreshing the page it should display that image above the uploader. Doesn’t work. In fact though there is no error message I can’t find the file that was uploaded anywhere.

Fresh install of WordPress 4.0 only.

Any ideas

OK figured it out. Permissions problem in the /uploads/ directory. For some reason the rtmedia dir didn’t inherit from uploads when it was created.

Next complication. In the above situation, If there is one image in the custom context then it does not appear. If there are two images in that context then 1 displays. Always off by one. When the image is first uploaded all the images show when the page is updated after the upload. Then if you F5 the page or otherwise reloaded it then it always one image short.

Hi @abaileytn,

Sorry for delay in reply. As you had created this topic without selecting category, hence we missed your query. Now, I have assigned category to this topic.

I would like to know that are you still facing the issue or it has been resolved ?