CSS Styling

I have installed rtmedia pro and I have a styling issue with the lightbox, as you can see from the screenshot I have attached the bottom bar does not show the ‘like’ or ‘tag photo’ option styled correctly. It may be a style conflict with my theme. Is it possible to send me the correct styling so I can add it manually and looks as it should. Thank you.

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Please refer the theme templates documents https://rtcamp.com/rtmedia/docs/developer/templating-system/ , hope it will helpful to work on theme styling.

Thanks for that, however I can’t see how to change the styling.
I have tested the rtmedia pro with the default Wordpress default theme and it works perfectly. Obviously my theme CSS styling is conflicting with rtmedia pro.
Is there a way to ensure that rtmedia uses it’s default CSS styling perhaps changing the path. I understand that you don’t resolve theme conflicts but I would appreciate some guidance with this.

There is setting in rtMedia -> Custom CSS. You can keep the default rtMedia style on.

Thanks for that, yes that setting was already activated and it doesn’t make any difference.

Any other ideas?