CSS adjustments for img

Having real issues trying to centre images in the activity page

The video above is centered but the image floats left. I have tried various alterations but just can’t get to centre.
Any clues?


Also sorry forgot. If you click on the name below the video or image you get the lightbox.

Two things I'd like to try here and experiment is

1 Rather than have the video play in the activity page at all just have the onclick go to the lightbox

2 Not have the file name below dynamically inserted but just a Play in Lightbox text link Thanks again Danny

Hello Danny, For image center alignment add the following codes in rtMedia custom CSS box.

body .rtmedia-container .rtmedia-list .rtmedia-list-item, body .rtmedia-activity-container .rtmedia-list .rtmedia-list-item, body #buddypress div.rtmedia-activity-container .rtmedia-list .rtmedia-list-item { width: 100%; } body #buddypress div.rtmedia-activity-container ul.rtmedia-list li .rtmedia-item-thumbnail { margin: 0 auto; }

About other 2 question, We haven't added this functionality yet, But if you want to add it, you need to add some jQuery codes.

Thanks for that re image great

Re the 2nd question and jQuerry codes can you give ma an example and where

Thanks Danny

As still interested in adding the functionality of making clicking on the video play the file in the light-box. Can you give me an example of required code and where to put it

Many thanks