Creating a WordPress website with Hhvm

Hi I thinking to create a site with HHVM but aa fallback i want to use Php7 rather than php5.6

Install PHP7.2-FPM manually (change 7.1 => 7.2)

And I suggest you to just use PHP7.2-FPM with Redis across this article.

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Hi On doing test on 5$ Droplet HHVM Simply handle More traffice than PHP7 and uses way less ram Hhvm also handle sudden spike in traffic very well with fast cgi cache

although i install Php 7 with it sudo ee site create --wpfc --hhvm --php7

although it install but not using it can you tell me how to remove php7

Do you try?

sudo systemctl stop php7-fpm

And check what PHP in your server.


5.6 Running as fallback and it has php 7 and php5.6